Empowering the Entrepreneurial Spirit One Meeting at a Time

Babes Boardroom Events and Marketing Coordinator

Courtney is pursuing long-term travels in California this month and we need a ready pair of hands and a willing mind to help fill her shoes! This volunteer position will require about 2-5 hours a week working on event planning for Babes Boardroom meetings, social media, and website maintenance.

You are driven, with lots of ideas. Creativity helps - you are connected and take initiative. We need someone who is tech savvy (or wants to be!) and can be organized and prepared for online meetings and familiar with social media. You see this as a great opportunity to develop your own entrepreneurial skills.

 Everything is teach-able except motivation, so we are really looking for someone who is enthusiastic about what we believe in. Connecting like-minded people who thrive in new adventures and understand the power of connections. Read a little more below and copy and paste the application with your answers in an email to by November 13th.

Thank you!

Camille and Courtney.


Position Title: Babes Boardroom Events/ Marketing Coordinator

This is a volunteer position  [ 2-5 hours a week ]

Application: Due Nov 20th, 2015 - Have fun with it!


Describe your perfect day:


Rough guide of your ideal Babes Boardroom meeting:


Three ways to improve the group (money, attendance or marketing): 


How much time a week can you dedicate?


Take a stab at a social media strategy for this year:


Name some ways in which your connections to the community can help the group:


Are you familiar with Mail Chimp and Photoshop?


What was the first meeting you attended and why did you come?


Why are you interested in this role?