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Welcome to Babes Boardroom

Who We Are, and Why We Want You To Join

Founders Camille Byrne of Cambie Design & Courtney Lee Yip of Courtney Lee Photography

Founders Camille Byrne of Cambie Design & Courtney Lee Yip of Courtney Lee Photography

Babes Boardroom is an inclusive group of women and men with the simple goal of excelling in their careers. Whether you are starting a small business or work for a large one, ambitious minds are free here to learn, explore, and grow.

Every couple of months we will curate a group, location and topic that aligns with our mission statement. Examples of past meetings include: Managing Your Money - at Cambie Design, Intellectual Property and Basic Law at Poutini’s, and Social Media & Brand Development at Soho House Toronto.

Babes Boardroom began in early 2013 as an attempt to gather some of our coveted contacts and friends in hopes to share similar challenges, experiences and triumphs. Both starting our businesses at the same time allowed us to lean on each other during times of stress or frustration. When we talked through our issues together, we realized how many people we had in our networks that had the answers to one another’s questions.

That winter, we collectively put together our resources and reached out to a handful of people with the idea of this ‘support’ group of sorts. As word got out, we were overwhelmed with the reaction and enthusiasm we had from friends, colleagues, and complete strangers. People wanted to gather, they wanted to talk, and needed to share.

After coming up with a few initial ideas for discussions, we both found that information was there for the taking. Before we knew it, we had volunteers offering to lead the gatherings based on their expertise and suggestions on an endless array of topics. Babes Boardroom was no longer a support group for like-minded entrepreneurs but an inspiration for driven, career focused individuals. We are a collection of bright minds firmly rooted in support.

You are Babe IF:

You want to succeed in your field

You want to build a business

You are curious

You want to explore new job opportunities

You have a company that needs like minded people

You have a skill to share

You have skills to learn

You are selfless with your knowledge

You enjoy meeting new people

You need to work on your social skills

We are happy to announce the launch our new website and this column! We will have many guest writers sharing their experiences, expertise, and opinions, while we regularly update with events, announcements, and fresh articles to keep your motivation going strong.

See you in the Boardroom,

Courtney & Camille.